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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Toby CV pic

Amazing things happen to us. We were at the gallery last year when we were approached by world renown photographer David Simpson (photoraphed Queen etc) who asked if the boys would model for him (sounds corny, I know).
Anyway, they did, and we have AMAZING photos of them.
Then Yesterday, we got a phone call from a friend of ours who is an actor and he asked if I could put together a CV and photos of Toby (middle child and busting to be a *star*). Below is the David's photo of Toby I used for the CV. Oh - and it's exam day for my Law subject. I'm dying. I haven't got more than a couple of hours of revision done in the last 4 days. If only people would stop flippantly calling me "Superwoman" and start realising I need some freakin' help!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Never work with Animals or Children

image from

OK - so my father isn't dead. But I was really upset. Our boys - oh heck, all of us liked to watch Steve Irwin do things none of us would dare (or care) to. Here's a link to Steve's Wildlifewarriors. My good deed for the day.

Colin Thiele on the other hand went nearly unnoticed. For a start he died the same day as Steve, so he was a little overshadowed. Secondly he died in Brisbane, and Adelaide can be a bit funny about things like that (like, that he wasn't in SA). Thirdly, he wasn't "current". It feels kind of like I know him though, since I've filled in for him as a judge, but never met him. And also 'cos we're both writers and have links with Eudunda. Come to think of it, it's kind of weird he died in Briso since that's where I'm from.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Thursday, March 30, 2006

It's raining Millipedes

They're here in their thousands! The annual invasion, and another thing to do - take bucket loads of millipedes out of the house. What's revolting is they drop on you from above when you're trying to work. And next we'll get an influx of spiders, cos the word'll get around that there's a smorgasboard in town.

Had Writer's meeting last night. First one I've attended this year. Was great - glad I went. Also had Art Gallery business to do - changing of the constitution. Now that's done. One less thing on the eternal "to do" list. Caught up with the printer today. He's gonna start the diary over the weekend. Should have the first copies in the next week. YAYY!!

I had to photoshop the cover again, so I'll stick the new versions below (if I can).Not having any electricity on Monday from 5 am till 2.30pm didn't help. It's so dark in our house we had to use candles, and it was flooded, so of course the boys couldn't go to school, nor could they sit still or hold their tongues (or fists) for more than 3 seconds at a time.Also missed today, mainly cos Jack's gotta learn I'm NOT driving him to school everyday just cos he doesn't like the new bus timetable.

I ended up being late for work, cos the clocks on the computer automatically set for daylight savings, but daylight saving didn't happen.Spent nearly all of today working out money probs. Mostly cos Alex lives by the philosophy that if it's in the bank it's spendable.

Surprisingly, I'm coping a little better with the uni work this week. Tonight was another washout with Wimba - but not surprising. Our phones hardly ever work when it's been raining. Also found out that I can't get ADSL either cos Telstra laid the line as a "Pair Gain" which means instead of laying multiple lines, they have only laid one line and share it between houses. So no broadband, and no ADSL.

Anyway, I KNOW I'm calmer after talking to my tutor - he was really fabulous. I'd left the tute feeling absolutely useless again, and realy frustrated that I couldn't participate, and only vaguely follow what was going on, plus, I there was obviously a gap between what I was hearing etc. But after talking to someone who wasn't being buffered, what a difference!! I found the work easier to do this week too, and the files I needed were easier to find, so maybe it's all starting to click. Even Soc was quicker this week.

I'm still stressing though that I will need to take time off work to prep for big assignments and exams. I can't really afford it - doing this is causing a lot of problem in home situation, and we are struggling financially (we always struggle though). I understand where Alex is coming from, but sacrifices need to be made. A difference of philosophy I suppose you'd call it. I worry too that if I take time off work to do this, I'll get sidetracked by the six gazillion things that need doing round here. I feel like I'm stuck on a never ending obstacle course.

The dogs have had to be chained up - chasing next door's cattle. Apparently they were working it hard, too. Lucky (for them) they were spotted by a friend of ours and not the owners. The boys wouldn't be too happy if they were shot. Nor do I want a bill for a couple of thousand dollars for a dead cow.Also, with them being tied up, it means we can clean the rubbish up without them spreading it around again - we don't have rubbish pick up, and over summer we can't burn, so it piles up - until they spread it around. Not good. Fixed up the 'beer shed' where we store Alex's empty beer cans. The dogs had spread them around too. So went & bought the stuff - new tin snips/wire/nails etc. Alex cracked about the cost - but at least it's done. You'd think he'd just appreciate I did it for him. Saved him 3 hours of work.

I have Sat & sunday off this week (first w/e in 15 months). So I'll be able to get stuck into the sociology essay. I've got to finish the ac-lit one by tomorrow - don't think that's gonna happen. I'll do as much as I can. Found out I completly f1cked up my first one - somehow I managed to only send one part - course, I hadn't read the bit about how to submit all as one thing - so I tried to send as three docs, and when I checked they only had one part of it. DAMN!!!
I e-mailed John Dowling immediately, but haven't heard anything back yet. I've rung Nicola, left a message. Hope it's sorted easily. I thought it wasn't too bad, so I need some feedback.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

20 Random Things

#I'm married - but only after living with my partner for 13 years.
#I share my wedding date with one of my best friends.
#I have 3 sons, and currently 1 foster child (boy).
#I don't get enough time to write or draw.
#I sometimes know things before they happen, and think I've met people before when I haven't.
#People offload their troubles onto me and tell my their life stories, even when they've only just met me.
#I get stormy-headaches.
#I usually wear jeans.
#I drive a white car.
#I like gardening but don't have the back for it (and 2 acres of it to do).
#I have the flu at the moment.
#I demonstrated against the war in Iraq, and think refugees should be given the chance of a new life in our country.
#I co-founded our local writing group and I'm the Public Officer of our local Art Gallery.
#I once tracked down a the owners of a shop that did a "midnight flit" and not only got my own stuff back, but helped others to do the same.
#I drink LOTS of coffee.
#I can't sing.
#I need to have 2 teeth surgically removed - and then get bridges.
#I hate housework, but like a clean house.
#I'm lucky to have fabulous friends.
#I hate baths. I only like showers.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Lost my mind


not the illustration I did for Illustrating Fridays, but one I couldn't resist doing. Posted by Picasa

Monday, October 10, 2005

i've got mail

More feedback. I must remember to read this stuff when depression hits - though it's at those times even the electric light of the computer screen fails to lift the darkness.
Thanks for sending the poems, I sent them to me at work and printed them out and had a read today. They're very powerful. I was thinking of how to describe them, and its not easy. They are all many of the following; poignant, sad, funny, tough, tender, wry. And other things, as I said, not easy to describe.

I really love Kaleidoscope, because I think I know what you mean, and its so elegantly expressed. I'm not sure about the last line, but its interesting because it changes the mood. the rest of the piece is quite cool and it changes there. Makes a full stop, I guess.

Of course I love Fifi, because i have all the pics in my head. Also makes me laugh and get teary (mostly laugh though). I think I love it because it is so personal to me, I have no idea how it reads to someone who doesn't know any background... What sort of response have you had to it from others?

Thinking of Jackie Collins I found very strong because it is so evocative of the mood and the time, lovely references, not just to jc but to 'bev's dad' and Hungry Jacks. I asked a couple of people at work to read some of them and got some good responses - people nodding and going mmm, and smiling, at Birthday and Gossamer and Jackie Colliins (female people - didn't show any blokes). I thought Kaleidoscope and Wilden Street went over their heads a bit, but these people aren't really reading people and both those pieces are lovely elegant thought-pieces.

Have I been helpful? Of course all I can give is my personal response.

I must go to bed, and its after 1am... Got to do a loooot of painting tomorrow... Show goes up Sunday. At this point I am always thinking - was this a good idea?????

Speaking of loooots to do - really must get my research finished & stories written. Of course it's back to work tomorrow, & since I took the kids to movies today (sharkboy/lavagirl) I'm stuffed. It's the driving that does it. Plus, the 3D glasses made my eyes so sore I was asleep by 7.30pm (which is why I'm now awake at 1.40am - lucky for DH so I can babysit the psychotic dryer while it dries his uniforms for work tomorrow).
I think attempting to write for children has stolen my enjoyment of movie-viewing though. I spent the whole movie analysing it's structure & content (samething for Wallace & Grommit last week).
I'm pleased with my illustration for Illustration Friday so at least I've achieved something for the week.
Saw the tests today for the rocket going twice the speed of sound - aiming for travel to Tokyo in 4 hours and I couldn't help but think of how important the time of travel has always been to me. It's part of the discovery of self to be stuck on a bus or a plane for hours on end - no escaping yourself. It's part of the traveling that makes changes in yourself. Time for reflection & introspection. Maybe I'm slow, but 4 hours doesn't seem enough to absorb, anticipate, adopt a new facet of yourself.